How was this created?

Mar 28, 2016


I watched a great job that Jackie Van Nice did on the  "Interactive Graphics E-Learning challenge" (#103).

I'm trying to understand how she used the exit animation:

When the user clicks on the layer of the hand & the mobile device, both fly out and the base layer appears.

How is this done? I inserted a hotspot covering the layer and a trigger that hides the layer when clicking on the hotspot  -what I can't understand is how she activated the exit animation (trigger?) when the user clicks (on what?) and had it gone before the base layer appears.

Can someone explain the actions needed and the order of them?




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Jackie Van Nice

OK, Shevi!

Here we go...(I think I need to make this a blog post, since it elicits a lot of the same questions you have!)...

  1. As you know, it's built on one slide, and each device appears on a separate layer.
  2. When you click one of the items on the main slide - "What is E-Learning?" for example - that object is triggered to show that layer.
  3. On each layer, the device image has one entrance motion path and one exit motion path. 
    • I placed the device image at the beginning of the layer timeline, so no need to create a trigger for its entrance.
  4. On top of all other objects on the layer I inserted a shape that covers the entire screen and made that shape 100% transparent. (It's important to note that you DO want it filled with something before you make it transparent. You DO NOT want to choose "no fill", or it won't work.)

    The user's only option to exit the layer is to click - somewhere! - so they can't go wrong when clicking anywhere they'd like, which takes them back to the main screen. I didn't want to clutter it up with a target object or any instructions - and it's intuitive enough that everyone figures it out.  

    The triggers for this overlay shape are:
    • Move the device image on the (exit) motion path when the user clicks.
    • Change the state of the text boxes on the device screen to hidden when the user clicks. (Makes for a cleaner exit effect.)
  5. Finally, I added a trigger to the device image that says to hide the layer when the exit motion path completes.

See? Piece of cake. :) Thanks again for asking, Shevi - and thanks for giving me the heads-up about Shevi's question, David! 

Shevi Yuval

One more question

I want to insert a movie on one of the layers.

It should go this way:

on the base layer a click will get the learner to the inside layer. (this I know how too:))

In the inside layer:

A frame moves in- a video appears and starts playing  inside the frame- clicking on any place on the layer should stop the video and move video and frame out

I got something wrong because it's not working


Shevi Yuval

I had 2 problems 

1. The movie didn't start automatically. I forgot to switch on the "Play video- automatically"... When I did, it worked:).

2. In order to stop the video when the user clicks the covering shape, I had trouble with finding the video in the list that appears in the trigger. The trigger I used was "stop media- video x- when the user clicks on the covering shape." At  the end it did suddenly appear in the list...

It seems like I had to insert the video through this trigger (stop media- video x....) and then add the motion move etc. If I inserted it through the insert tab, I couldn't add the trigger to stop it- don't know why. 


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