How would you create a text-only version?

Nov 27, 2014

I would like to make sure that my development is AODA compliant and would like more clarification on how to make a text-only version. Section 508 I found on the Storyline website recommends creating a text-only version. What LMS format should be used (Web or Word)?

What we did:
We have created a file with just text and high-contrast and published as a Word document. However we removed headers and such so the document only has the screenshots of the slides. This was then published as a PDF file.

Is the word and PDF document considered a text-only version that is AODA compliant? Is there a way to check other than using the built-in Word and Acrobat tool?

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Jacob  Selin

As far as i know the PDF can be a risk since that technic aint aoda-compliant. 
But im not an expert and i dont know now how to achive a full aoda-compliant text/course. 
What i do know is that there are some site thats test it for you. is on of them but i belive its possible to google it. 

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