Html5 output variable? issue

Feb 20, 2015

Hello everybody,

We are developing the quizzes with storyline, and we would like to provide html5 output for our users as well.

I know that html5 output has some limitation, I'm not sure if it is not working because of those limitation of html5 and storyline combination.

The quiz has 3 attempts. If a user fails, attempts are subtracted in try again layer. 1,2,3 on top of the screen presents how many attempts a user has.

If a user use up their attempts, "Fail the quiz" layer should pop up, but it is just not working only in html5.

I think it is because that my trigger is not working for some reason.

I set the trigger to show  "Fail the quiz" layer when "attempts" variable equals to "0" (The default value is 3)

Is there anybody who encountered the similar issue? I really hope we can publish this quiz as html5 output as well.

My storyline file is attached.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Soogyung,

Thanks for attaching the file. I got a chance to play around with this and I did get it to work by making a few adjustments to the variable set up with the Attempts. Can you test this published HTML5 output here?

The updated file is attached. Please let me know if this is what you were looking for. 

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