Hyperlink attached to a state


I've created a state which behaves by saying that if "learner doesn't pass a challenge then show the failed layer which contains a link to a HTML page".

The problem is that after publishing the module and testing to see if the link opens the webpage, it doesn't, the cursor of the mouse doesn't even respond and doesn't recognise it as a hyperlink.

Can anyone suggest anything?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stuart,

What are you changing the state of that shows the layer? 

You'll also want to check that you're testing the published content within the intended environment, instead of testing it locally which could cause odd behavior. If you're still having difficulty it may also help to take a look at your Storyline file. 

Stuart Ryan

It is a text box that has three states.

"Not attempted"


"Failed, click here to go to training material"

It's the "click here" that doesn't work. it's linked up properly but when I publish it and test the text that is linked appears as a clickable link but you can't actually click it.