Dec 18, 2023

I have 5 lines of text within a single text box, I have applied a hyperlink to each one. Three of the five hyperlinked lines perform as expected, i.e. change format as per the state settings within the hyperlink style. However, two don't change their formatting (as set by the hyperlink style) when their state is changed.  I have tried copying and pasting the troublesome text and re-applying the hyperlink style, I also tried deleting the existing text and re-typing it then adding the hyperlink again before re-applying the hyperlink style, but the troublesome text still doesn't update as expected in the different states like the other items do. 

Can anyone help me to fix this or explain what is causing this erratic behaviour.

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Joe Hauglie

I don't know what the cause is, but one fix that I have used is to add a hotspot over the hyperlinked text that points to the specified hyperlink, and launches when the learner clicks it.

Then, to give the learner the visual appearance of the hyperlink, I took the color code for hyperlinked text and then set the text to be that color. So it looks good enough for a learner on a galloping horse to not tell the difference, unless the learner revisits the page...

You might try creating each link separately (not in a single text box) and see if that works as expected with the link formatting. And it could be that there is some formatting issue within the text box - like a carriage return (shift/enter) instead of a regular "enter" to start the next line.

Good luck!