hyperlinks not showing up

Jan 16, 2015

I think I used to be able to do the following:

  1. Select several words in a textbox.
  2. Add a "jump to URL/file" trigger for that text box
  3. Then just the selected text would change to my hyperlink color in the theme.

Was I imagining this capability because I can't seem to get it to work now? Using SL2 latest update. Thanks for your help!

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Maree Eilman

Hi I'm having a similar issue. Seems like all of a sudden my hyperlinks (colors and underline) has stopped working. The link works perfectly fine but no one would know that it is a hyperlink because the text stays the same color as the other text on the page. I only  have one word that is hyperlinked.

Can someone please help? 

Maree Eilman

Hi Ashley and Wendy - here is the file. The word Payroll is in a text box and is the hyperlink. You will see it in the second paragraph. This is not the the only place this is happening but this will give you a place to start to help me. Please see attached file. 

PS, I did change the color to the text but not the theme color associated with the hyperlink. But on some slides the hyperlink works fine that is why I don't understand it not working on other slides. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Maree

Hope I have understood your issue but this appears to be working as expected. If you select the whole text box and use the  trigger to jump to URL you are in effect making the entire text box clickable but highlgihting the word payroll. When the user mouseovers over the word Payroll the colour changes but the underline does not appear. Using this method the user would need to know that 'payroll' was hyperlinked they wouldn't know just by looking at it.

If you highlight just the word 'Payroll' right click and insert hyperlink you get the underlined hyperlink you would expect and the learner knows to click it and the highlight occurs when the user mouses over

Maree Eilman

That is interesting. I've always used the menu for my hyperlinks. That is, I've selected my words and chosen insert hyperlink and I thought it worked but I guess it didn't. Okay I will use the right-click method. I will remove the hyperlink that I have on it now, and chose right-click, insert hyperlink. Sorry for the duplicate question since you've already answered this for Julie. I just didn't understand. Thank you for your patience! This is greatly appreciated!! 

Maree Eilman

Hi Ashley - sorry for the delay in response. I was using towards an individual word not the entire text box. I highlighted a word, click insert hyperlink from the menu, inserted the hyperlink in the text field, and clicked okay. Nothing happened. No blue line appeared nothing. however when I went into the preview mode the word was highlighted in bright blue when I hovered over it. Which was not the result I wanted. I wanted a blue hyperlink line below the text letting the user know that the text was a hyperlink. I could not achieve that effect without right-clicking and choosing Hyperlink and then inserting the hyperlink in that fashion. But I do know that some times I can in fact select text from the menu to achieve the results that I want it just doesn't work all the time.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maree,

I'm not able to replicate that behavior, but if Storyline is consistently behaving oddly for you, you'll want to first check that you're working on local project files as detailed here and then I'd also confirm that you're using the latest update of Storyline 2 Update 8, and it may be worth conducting the repair of Storyline.

As far as the blue line, did you check your theme colors in terms of the color set for the hyperlink? 

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