I am a newbie and stuck: Changing States


Here is my predicament. I am brand new to articulate storyline. I have an existing  e-learning module am working with and have a problem to solve. 

I have a slide that is a branching slide to content. The graphics are "clickable" and jump to the content that the learner wants to visit. When the user returns to the menu, I am trying to do two things - change the hover graphic so that it does not display upon return and that the visited state graphic only shows. I am not sure this is possible so I may have to rethink how this module displays, but I thought I would look to this group to get some ideas. 

Thank you so much!


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Walt Hamilton

The built-in hover state has all its superpowers hard-wired into it, so you can't change that behavior. You will probably need to create your own state and use triggers to create the behavior. 

I would try something like "Change state of graphicX to CursorOver (you can use any name except Hover, or one of the other built-in states) when cursor hovers over if variable contentXVisited is = False. Be sure to check return when hover off.