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David Anderson

Once, again: very cool! I like the way you highlighted the letters.

Evaluating correct choices and the provided feedback works really well.

The part that's a little off is how the incorrect choices are evaluated. It appears the game continues-even w/incorrect words-until I select a correct word. Sometimes this means moving on to a second row or column before a word is recognized.

Overall this is a great project. How long did you work on it?

Jeanette Brooks

What a great idea, Showemimo! I love it! One thing you might consider on the word puzzle: on the feedback that displays after a word is found, the text is a little hard to read because it's overlaid on top of the game board. Also, the feedback text is the same for each word and appears incomplete ... maybe you just haven't built that part out yet? 

Thanks for sharing this - it's a great example of what's possible in Storyline. 

Pamela Keister


I am very new to Storyline and see that you use Dropbox as do I.   I am having trouple with creating a link for the story and everytime I try to use a link, I either get sent into my Dropbox or I get a page that has a lot of programming data, or I get nothing at all.  I saw what you did with Sudoku and wondered if you could give me some advice.  Publishing is the only issue I have run into and would appreciate any words of wisdom you may have.

Thank you,


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