I need to rotate a text entry field 90 degrees. Can I?

May 29, 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a hazardous waste course. For one activity, I am asking the learner to add liquid waste to an accumulation container and then document the specific waste added by entering it into the associated accumulation log. 

The accumulation format used in this research laboratory has chemical names in columns along the top, and specific researcher's waste entries in rows along the bottom:

Accumulation Log example

A complication is that if the researcher's waste contains a chemical that's not already listed in one of the columns at the top, then he or she has to write that chemical into the next available column.

In the scenario I'm working with, the researcher's waste contains 10 mL of Methanol, but "Methanol" is not currently listed in any column. So, the learner will have to add it to the column just to the left of "Water."

I added a text entry field (with a temporary default value of "Methanol", just so I can align it properly with the other columns) into which the learner will have to type "Methanol."

My problem is that the form requires these entries to be written at a 90 degree rotation, and I don't know how to rotate a text entry field.

Does Storyline 360 allow me to rotate text entry fields?

If not, what do you suggest instead?




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Ray Cole

Thanks Tom. Storyline allowed me to change the text direction on the text entry field, but as you said, it doesn't actually rotate it when the course runs.

I like your idea of a pop-up layer to accept the name of the chemical for the column, followed by a change on the base layer to reveal "Methanol" appropriately rotated in response. I will try that.



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