Icons appearing over a text box in their Normal states...

Mar 23, 2020

It's a bit difficult to describe the problem I'm having, but I'll give it a go. I have a custom drag-and-drop interaction with five circular photos at the bottom. The instructions are to double-click each of the photos in order to read the example scenario, which is basically just a Hidden state text box which becomes Normal after you double-click the photo.

After reading the scenario, the user is instructed to double-click inside the text box in order for it to become Hidden again. They are then supposed to drag-and-drop the photo (not double-click it--that will cause the text box to appear again) to the appropriate drop target (labeled).

It all works just fine, except that when you double-click the text box after dragging and dropping a photo, that photo (and any others) shows up on top of the text box which has the scenario on it. I've tried sending them backwards, sending the photos all the way to the back... none of it works.

That may have been a strange explanation of my issue, so I've attached the slide here for Preview. Anyone have any ideas what I can do so that the photos don't show up over the top of my text boxes?

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