Ideas about Layering Objects in SL....

Jan 20, 2017

Hello everyone,

Had a great idea recently that I think would be awesome for SL and I was hoping to hear some other ideas in relation to it. And I did submit this idea to Articulate already.

I often find that, when I'm building a slide interaction, I would like to be able to set certain things to always be either above or below other stuff as I'm dropping in more objects. I know you can do this with Master Slides (somewhat) but that's a clunky way to work and you can't have both above and below objects with a master slide (it's one or the other to my knowledge). So I Photoshop-ed an idea for the interface below:

This would allow the user to have more control over layering things on a slide, speeding up the development process! Basically you would be adding locking abilities for objects so that they can be part of a group that locks them above or below. It would classify stage objects into one of 3 groups (above, below or middle). This way when you add an additional object it would automatically be above or below other set objects depending on their lock setting. Green lock is always above, red is always below and neither is in the middle. And you would be able to drag them above or below still but only in the section of the lock color applied.

I imagine this idea could be streamlined somehow.  You don't necessarily need 3 separate locking rows. And I realize they should probably be separate from regular locking. But I'd love to see some form of this!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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