ideas for purchase order training

I have been asked to so some training for purchase orders because people do it 'wrong'.  I have got an idea of what and why things do go wrong.  However, the client wants all staff retrained.  When i broached this with some people they thought it was a stupid idea becasue they do it right - so they are basically being punished for someone else mistakes.

I think current staff should do an elearning module instead of a Face 2 Face.  But rather than the straight this is how to create a PO, I was thinking of perhaps creating it as a kind of Channel 5 type programme "When PO's Go Bad" or a ttype of silly horror.  And have a more straight forward version to refer to or new staff - who will attend F2F.

I just need to get the idea straight in my head - sorry sometimes I need to ramble to see if I am going in the right direction.

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Joshua Roberts

Hello Michelle, whilst putting training to a backdrop like the one you have indicated 'When PO's go bad' etc it may be slight overkill for the training required.

I am currently working on a Cash Management module where the banking process needs to be explained - to me the best way to do this is to produce a narrated screenshot video that shows the users how to complete the process in the most straight forward and easy to understand process possible. Whenever I'm presented with content that is following a set process laid out by a company I find it better to not 'mess' with it too much.

I then post a freeform scenario example where I can get the user to complete the form as intended and identify any mistakes they make to reinforce the previous content.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michelle and Joshua,

Michelle, I guess you'll get an alternative view from Joshua's here. I like your idea of trying to do something different for the more experienced staff. You've said, "I have got an idea of what and why things do go wrong,", but not how you got that idea, so forgive me if you've already thought of this.

One of the "tenets" of adult learning theory is to involve Learners in the planning of the learning; another: adults bring knowledge to learning experiences.

So I wondered, if you might ask them what ARE some of the "mistakes they're being punished for." Collect these answers and use them in the scenarios you create. In fact, that IS the recommended way (or one of) for SMEs to create Scenarios that are correlate directly to the real world task Learners need to master in the end.

And it correlates to other pieces of adult learning theory: adults want relevancy in their learning, they want immediate application of their learning. Plus, you now have created "ownership" by the experienced Learners in the training.

May not be doable, but sure would be nice!