Ideas for Suicide Prevention Training

Feb 25, 2013

Hi, I am new to Articulate Storyline and my very first project is Suicide Prevention Training. It is a very serious subject and I was wondering how to make this course interesting. The document attached is a good representation of how the client wants the course laid out. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes and Storyline, Joolian!

For a serious subject like this, obviously you're not going to want to make the course too playful. However, the course can still have quite a bit of interaction and interesting segments. Personally, I'd suggest a lot of knowledge checks with characters and definitely a professional-looking design. Try to stay away from making the course look too "cartoony". I just think this would be a distraction and I think learners would find it a bit odd for this topic. 

I'd like to see how you end up designing this course. Also, if you have any questions, please let us know!

Joolian Lee

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I am of the same mind, that it shouldn't have a cartoony look. It has been suggested that I use thought bubbles but I think even that is cartoony. At the moment I am limited by whether the client wants to budget for artwork (I would like some photos from a stock library). I will just have to try a few things and see how I go. Thanks for your input.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Joolian,

I agree, but in the same breath, you can make thought bubbles look a little less "animated". With the right design (colors, formatting, etc.), they can appear professional and fit in with the rest of the course. It really depends on how you tie the entire course together. As long as all of the elements match the mood of the course, you shouldn't have a problem. 

For the thought bubbles, you should certainly be able to adjust these so they are appealing, but not too distracting.

Here's some quick examples using one of the animated and illustrated characters:

Marcia Marcia


You have some great content to work with. I suggest you write 4 or 5 objectives before you get started developing. And identify your audience. Answer the question: What do you want the learner to be able to do upon completion of this elearning? Let this be your guide to what and how you present the content.

There is a lot of good fodor for scenarios-- If you are creating training for phone counselors you can use two head shots with phone audio...each photo is in color as the person talks, and the photo goes black and white when they are not talking. You can summarize with key learning points and a couple of questions that reinforce learning.

Nadine Lacelle

Hi Joolian

I too have the exact same project going on right now and we are using Storyline.  It will be our official first course using Storyline and it is a high profile course.  Therefore I want to make sure I am deliverying the best possible product.

Because of the nature of the subject, I am keeping colour schemes, fonts, and graphics in a somewhat neutral theme.  I am using realistic characters (no cartoon) and photos, as well as some abstract photos or illustrations.

I can forward you our design outline if you like?

After each module we are only including a summary or key points, but at the very end of the course there is a knowledge check.   We are including some time to interact and time to reflect.

Hope this helps.

Lindsay Richardson

I am about to begin working on this same topic with one of our current presenters. eLearning courses are new to everyone here, so I am trying to develop a process for explaining the difference between their current powerpoint presentation and eLearning. We only have Contribute as our development tool right now... hoping to get Storyline within the next year. I would love to see what you all came up with for Suicide Risk training, just to pass on some ideas to the SME. Thanks!

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