Ideas to liven up a boring drag and drop

Mar 06, 2013

Hi Heroes,

I'm building a drag and drop interaction, that will teach learners to look up laws.  It consists of clause numbers that will be matched to legal requirements.   The problem - it's all words and very dull.  Does anyone have any ideas that would liven up this boring content ? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Linda!

Just curious, does your course need to stick to text only content? I'm not sure if you have clients that require a specific design or if they want to limit the content that's contained in the course. 

There's a lot you could probably do with this, but maybe sharing a little more information would help with suggestions. 

Are you able to share a screenshot or maybe even a mock-up .STORY file here?

Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Jerson, I like the idea of the progress meter - that might help.

Christine, I don't have anything built yet, I've just been given the content, but I'm pondering how to make it more engaging.  The learner needs to learn how to correctly read a code book.  We will give them something like "Section 31, Subsection 2, subclause (iv)".After looking it up in the act (either their hardcopy or an online version of it), the learner will match it to the correct legislation i.e. "no workplace is constructed, developed, reconstructed, altered or added to except in compliance with the Act and it's regulations". 

It's very dry stuff, but it is necessary that the learner knows how to find the correct legislation.


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Linda:

Well, at the very least you could add an image (maybe of a library or a person studying or looking up stuff in the dictionary) to the background of the question and then make it somewhat transparent so you can see the text. Going this route, I'd look for an image that suggests the positive aspects of studying or reading.

Or maybe you could have some type of library background. I have this idea of library shelves, too--putting the right stuff on the right shelf. Perhaps search through clip art for some inspiration? Hope this helps. --Daniel

Jerson  Campos

This crazy idea just popped into my head (blame the caramel mocha coffee i had this morning) . Since this involves legal matters why not have  a court scene where the user and an "opponent" have health meters. Something like a fighting game. If the user gets a correct answer, he "damages" the opponent. If he gets it wrong then he gets damaged. After a certain amount of slides or "time limit" a winner is declared. The way SL is setup you can even do "fight animations" for the attacks. Of course this may be a little over the top for your audience, but it would certainly liven it up.

This could actually be pretty fun to mock up.

Jerson  Campos

I made some changes to it. I didn't like the way the animated gifs kept playing in the timeline even if they weren't showing up (that's why the "fighting" looked a bit off) so I changed them to flash animations. Now I'm having a problem with them taking  a bit to long to show up on que. So there is a slight delay when they appear, or it could be the network I'm on since it does seem a little slow.

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