Identifying QuestionDraw# location in Storyline

Nov 20, 2018


I have a Storyline course published in SCORM 2004 that I can see in the communication log is throwing an error for a particular question. I've had this before where it's easy to identify the specific question/slide based on the id's provided... but this one is giving me issue.

The ID provided in the error is:

The Story file has 3 different Question Banks within it (each with more than 14 slides, and Slide 14 in all three is an MC question), and I'm not sure how to determine which Question Bank's slide 14 is the issue since it says QuestionDraw31. 

I was hoping the following link would provide a bit more detail as to what each was and where to located it: 

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Mark Banit

Unfortunately this course is for internal use only, and so I'm not able to post the .Story file.

Wendy - yes it is set to do a random draw, I still would have thought that each question would have it's own unique identifier that would allow me to identify the exact slide being referenced.

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