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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ant.  What kind of problem is your client seeing with the Player Menu in the topbar position?  Do they have other topbar tabs as well?

We have one reported issue in IE HTML5 output for Storyline 360 where the topbar tabs are spaced evenly, so there is little, or no distinction between the topbar left and the topbar right tabs.  Does that fit your scenario?

Ant Pugh

Hi Crystal - yes there's a menu and a link to a slide with the resources, but that works fine because it just links to a hidden slide.

Below is my client's full complaint, I have tested it myself and am also seeing the same issue - if you can email me directly I can share the link and course with you too?

"We’ve had reports of problems with drop-down menus in the courses from people using Internet Explorer (version 11, latest patches to 11.0.48). A quick way to recreate this is by checking <this link> with IE11.  When you click the ‘Menu’ button at the top left it doesn’t drop down, it shows scroll icons but the single row displayed is too small to use these effectively."

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ant. I reviewed your case and the report we wrote. I want to confirm: Are you experiencing this issue with Storyline 2, the HTML5 output, in Internet Explorer?

There’s an important detail that we have overlooked - HTML5 output is not supported in Internet Explorer in Storyline 2. I’m sorry for the confusion!

If you enable flash player in Internet Explorer and launch the story.html output, do you still see the same issue with your Menu dropdown?