IE not resizing course window

Nov 02, 2018

I have a course from a vendor that I've uploaded.  It was Published in either Storyline 3 or 360.  It's published in Flash/HTML5 format and the course runs great in both. 

The issue is that I can resize the player window in Chrome, but not in IE.  Originally, I thought it was the lock player at optimal size setting causing this. 

However, now I'm unsure of why this would occur in one and not the other.  

I can't share the file course, because I do not have the source file.....any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Justin!

It sounds like you were given the published output file, but you weren't the one who originally published the file, is that right?

In Chrome, you said that you can resize the player window. Does that mean you can expand and shrink the browser size, and the slide will scale up and down to fit?

And what exactly does the browser window do when you expand it in Internet Explorer?

Justin Uihlein

Hi Alyssa:

Yes, I was supplied the zip file and uploaded it to our LMS.   

Yes, in Chrome I can expand and shrink the browser and everything scales accordingly.  When I launch it in IE, the course comes up in one size and I can't shrink or expand it.  It's locked at one size, with no option to change it.


Justin Uihlein

I can’t share the file due to company policy. I did however, notice this is also true of other custom courses I’ve built when launched in IE. I published them with the fill screen setting so it’s not as much of an issue. But either way, not being able to resize is a little concerning. I checked and all my software is up to date…S2, Flash etc. Does the version of IE make a difference…I have IE 11 running on Windows 7.

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Justin Uihlein

It's also worth mentioning, we don't use the launch in new window option, because of the confusion of having to close it after closing the module.  Is this attributable to this situation, because again Chrome is still re-sizable and IE is not?  Is this function necessary to have IE re-sizable?

Crystal Horn

Hi Justin.  Thanks for the extra detail.  I did a quick test with a Storyline 360 launched in Windows 7 IE.  When resizing the browser, the player also scaled up and down.  Check out this screencast.  The example file I created had these settings:

Can you check my link in your instance of Windows 7 and let me know what you see?

Justin Uihlein

For now, we're good.  I've been in touch with my IT guy and we're on the same page.  This is just a really strange occurrence, especially with your screen cast above showing it doing exactly the opposite of ours.  I think,  like all of us developers, we always look for the simplest explanation.  Always appreciate yours and your colleague's insights.  Justin