If the user doesn't complete all the quiz questions, the review function gets 'stuck' at the final question answered

Hello (storyline 360 related question)

I have encountered an issue with the review quiz function , if the user doesn't complete all the quiz questions in a module, and attempts to review their answers, the review function gets 'stuck' at the final question they answered. Expected behaviour is that the 'next' button on the last question they answered would take them back to the review screen, but it just clicks and does nothing.

i need to have the ability for them to have the option to not answer all questions in the module as one of the modules involved has 8 scenarios containing multiple question slides, they are not expected to visit all 8 scenarios.

Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, what is the solution? Due to privacy reasons, i cannot share any files (medical related content).


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Crystal Horn

Hi Clare! To make sure I understand the setup properly, it sounds like you have some branching where your learners are viewing one or more sections of quiz questions, but not all of them. 

  • Do learners need to complete all the questions in their branched sections?
  • Do you have a single results slide that reports on all of the sections, or is there a results slide per section?

Thanks for the information!

Clare Newlands

Hello Crystal,

thanks for the reply.

There are 8 branches each with quiz questions, the individual questions are marked as 'must answer' but at any point there is nothing stopping the user trying another scenario (or branch) - the left screen menu of slides is available. There is one results slide that is used at the end of the module to mark the user as complete (complete/incomplete) in the LMS.....the results slide also has a review answers button.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Clare,

Thanks for that information. Are these questions also in a question bank, or strictly separated by being in separate scenes? I've seen something similar when the question slide is the last slide in the scene (or the question bank is at the end of the scene) as the next button is set to go to the next slide, not specifically the scene where the results slide is. 

One option would be to include an individual results slide after each set of questions - as you existing results slide could track multiple results slides and pass completion as detailed here. 

Another option would be to place a final blank slide after the quiz questions that the user could jump to. That slide can have a trigger to jump to your results slide when the timeline of the blank slide starts. So it shouldn't be seen by users (if it is, just a quick flash).

Hope that helps and let us know if you need anything else! 

Clare Newlands

Hi Ashley

thanks for your message. no question banks, yes to separate scenes but it's not a question slide on each final scene slide its just text and an image with a 'you have completed the diagnosis section' etc . I'll have a look and see if any of your solutions will work with the content. the odd thing is that if the user only answers, for example, q's 1, 2, and 3 of a 10 question series of questions, when reviewing, the next button just gets stuck at q 3. I've never seen this behaviour before.

anyway, i'll go away and have a look/think and get back to you if I need any further guidance. thanks for the prompt and extensive replies, always very impressed with Articulate support!


Clare Newlands


for your benefit, i've replicated the behaviour in a 4 slide test module, i was wanting to see if it was a bug in my large file, but it seems to follow the same behaviour in this attached module. i hope it's clear what my issue is - i expected the review results to either omit any unanswered questions or show them as unanswered/blank, and carry on until the end, revisiting the "review slide" when using the next button in review mode. i've attached both story and published for web for your convenience.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Clare,

When you don't answer a question, it's still submitted and counted against the total score once the user visits the results slide. 

Also, the next button does get stuck on the first pass through the review, but if the user clicked on the menu to navigate by it on that attempt it'll work on your second pass through review. It seems like the "next" button isn't sure where to go since it hasn't navigated to that slide yet (for example if you bypassed slide 2, it'll get stuck at slide 1). 

For your additional slide that you added in, did you add that in based on my recommendation? How do you want your users to navigate the course? 

Perhaps using the "submit all at once feature" would work for you? That way the user could navigate around, but once they use the "review button" or visit the results slide all the answer will have been submitted and they'll navigate to the question slides to see how it was scored.