If/then conditions on buttons

Apr 12, 2018

I have a problem where I have buttons set in a wheel and all the buttons are set in a disabled state until the previous button is clicked. However, if the user is going around the wheel again, the buttons are reset to the Normal state when I want them to remain in the visited state. I am trying to apply an if/then condition on the buttons, but I haven't figured it out yet. I want to be able to say, Change state of Next_in_line_btn “button” to Normal when the user clicks IF the button is not set to normal. Currently, each button has two variables or triggers. 

1. Set ChangeButton_POD equal to True when the user clicks.

2. Change state of Next_in_line_btn - "Button" to Normal when the user clicks if Next_in_line_btn is equal to True

Any suggestions?


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Ben McKenna

Hi Margaret,

I'm not sure I entirely understand your setup, so apologies if this wouldn't apply to your work - but would you be able to change the trigger from:

Change state of Next_in_line_btn to normal when user clicks IF the button is NOT normal
Change state of Next_in_line_btn to normal when user clicks IF the button is NOT visited

This way the triggers should always change the next button from disabled to normal since it's not 'visited' yet. But once they've clicked on the button, they shouldn't revert back to unvisited either.

Hope this helps!

Walt Hamilton

Without a THEN built in, it's tough. The shortest way I have found is to use a T/F variable and three triggers:

Change to Normal if Variable is false.

Change to Been_There (you'll get in trouble if you create triggers that involve built-in states like Visited) if Variable is true.

Toggle Variable (Adjust Variable Not Assignment when user clicks)

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