iframe code broken - help?

Jan 09, 2015

I broke my iframe code.  It had been working perfectly and I screwed it up somehow.  If anyone has a chance to look I would appreciate it.

<div align="center" style="text-align: left;">

<p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src=”http://www.krcdemandplanning.com/Joomla/Forecast Accuracy 150109 output/story.html"  width="646" height="524"></iframe></p></div>

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Kevin Croteau

That helps because the url is http://www.krcdemandplanning.com, but the elearning tutorial resides on my host 1&1.  If you click the Forecast Accuracy image on the home page or tutorial link in the right hand upper corner menu you will see the 404 error. 
Actually, I think the iframe works, but the content is incorrect.  If there are navigation bars right & bottom that's the iframe although incorrectly sized.
Do you mind taking another look? 

Maggie Forman

the spaces are the issue.  Instead you can use an underscore _  (eg, http://www.krcdemandplanning.com/Joomla/Forecast_Accuracy_150109_output/story.html

the link is now solid -- however the posted article may not be

When using or posting anything online remove all spaces 1st .  Should fix your problem of the 404 error FYI - nothing  is hosted at src="http://www.krcdemandplanning.com/Joomla/ForecastAccuracy150109/story.html"

at least not public facing

Kevin Croteau

Still having issues although I am getting closer.  I fix a setting in the JCE Editor Profile and I now see the yellow box of the iframe in the article content.  

I reloaded a new file with no spaces.  I think it's the code but still some strange effects after saving seems to change the code.  

I really appreciate everyone's help and hope the result will help others.  I always attempt to search and find a solution before resolving to posting.  


Here are 3 pics:

Maggie Forman

you got a strange double quote error?   might be the editor.  see if you can back out one just in text or notepad.  Otherwise this is correct code

<iframe src=”http://www.krcdemandplanning.com/Joomla/ForecastAccuracy150109/story.html"  width="646" height="524"></iframe>   

but even going directly to this page, you will get the error as it is not posted or published for public view

BTW you can always test your iframe by using <iframe src="http://www.google,com" width="646" height="524"></iframe>   

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