Ignoring a shortcut key for a data text entry field

Hello Heroes,

I am developing an eLearning in Articulate and there is a glitch or an error I keep running into that I cannot figure out. Basically, I have a series of shortcuts in the master slide that say:
"When the user presses M, open up the menu."
"When the user presses K, open up the keyboard help menu" etc.

Now, I have some data text entry fields on question slides for the user to input an answer and proceed to the next slide. My problem is when the user types anything into the field that has the letter M or K both of the short cuts pop up windows I've created appear! It is so strange. I am wondering if there is a proper workaround to this that I am just not realizing. I want the user to have full functionality of the slide until they have the cursor insertion point blinking in the data text field then regardless of what they type in there, the menus should not appear. I was thinking to create an identical layer and as soon as they click the text field it shows the layer and allows them to type whatever, but this seems like a band-aid.

I attached two screenshots. The first one is a simple slide I created, the second is the slide with my flyout menu when I type m in the data field the menu comes out. 

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you!

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Mark Rone Glino

Hello Miguel,

Good day! What I would suggest to you is that you choose an Alt + M or Alt + K rather than the single key shortcut.

I'm not sure if you discovered it already but when adding a shortcut you can long press Alt or Shift then follow up your desired letter to make double keys shortcut.

Hope that this helps! Cheers!