Image & hotspots quite small - "Identify the bad practices" activity

Aug 11, 2021

Hi! :) 

I am currently working on an eLearning module on IT best practices at work, and I am struggling with one activity.
In this activity, an illustration is shown on the screen, and the learner has to identify 5 bad practices hidden here and there in the illustration. It is therefore an image with hot spots, which the learner has to click on to complete the activity.
My issue is that we are talking about bad practices in IT at work, so the bad practices look quite small on the illustration. My concern is that it will be too small, and that learners will not be able to complete the activity, or they will click randomly until they get it right.
What options do I have? Can we allow learners to zoom in on the image? 
You will find the image attached to see what I'm referring to. On this image, we have 6 bad practices to identify, all related to IT & e-Safety.

Thank you for your help!

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