Images imported from PPT are published as PNG images in Storyline?


We use PPT to create storyboards for Storyline eLearnings. When images (originally JPGs) are imported from PPT to Storyline and the module is published, images are in PNG format for HTLM5 output (in the mobile folder).  The problem is that PNGs do not compress like JPGs (actually not compressed at all) regardless of the quality settings in when publishing. Thus, the file sizes of the images are very big and this is problem in mobile/HTML5 version.

Is there a way to publish images imported from PPT in JPG format or a way to compress the file sizes of PNGs for mobile use?

 : Juha



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Juha,

There isn't an option to change how images are included in the published output. With HTML5 output, objects aren't vectored . As a result, they may not appear as crisp in HTML5 as they do in Flash if you set the player to scale to fill the browser. To avoid scaling and reduction in image quality, we recommend locking your course player at optimal size.

Tip: Because objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output, they may look blurry or pixelated in zoom regions.