Images overlaping when using random number variable.

Apr 21, 2021

I need a bit of help with a random image generator activity I'm building.

I've managed to use the random number variable to randomize words and images. When a user clicks a button, it begins going through the different pictures and loops until they hit a stop button. It uses normal and hidden states and shows an image that corresponds with the assigned number then hide again when it picks a different number. That part works fine.

The issue I'm running into is when the number generator seems to pull the same number twice. Instead of just showing the same image, it's pulling ALL of the images at once, making it look like a jumbled mess, before moving on to the next image. I think it might be a bug but I'm wanting to see if I'm missing something before reporting it.

Here's a Review 360 link to show what it's doing.

I'm also attaching the storyline file to review the triggers.

Thank you!

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Angela Patton

No responses yet, but I managed to adjust the images so they have all the same color backgrounds and are a similar size. This seems to have resolved the visual blob issue, but it is definitely still pulling up all images when a number comes up twice.

If anyone else attempts to use this, adjust the images accordingly and don't use anything with transparencies.