Immediate feedback for matching quiz

Aug 22, 2015

Hello everyone

I am trying to create a drag and drop matching quiz where correct choices and wrong choices are identified immediately after ALL choices have been made and the Submit button clicked. It does not seem possible at the moment - I know I can use a free-form drag and drop which rejects wrong choices immediately but I would prefer to have all the choices made before feedback is given.

Any help appreciated - thanks


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Andrew Lian

Thank you so much Kamil.

Actually, what you sent is not quite what I was looking for. My bad description. Here is a better description.

(a) All objects are dragged to a drop zone.
(b) The Submit button is clicked
(c) Each object which is on the correct drop zone is marked as correct either with a check mark or a change in colour (maybe the object turns green)
(d) Each object in the wrong drop zone is marked with a cross or turns red.

Then the student can try again. In other words, I am looking for more precise feedback about right and wrong rather than a general message which says something like "Sorry your answer is not correct".

Hope that makes more sense now. Thanks again.


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