Import Quizmaker into Storyline

Jan 14, 2013

I am trying to figure out how to import Quizmaker files into Storyline. Or, is there an easier option within Storyline? I am saving my Quizmaker files for web-based delivery. It looks to me like Storyline is looking for a .quiz file, which does not exist in the output files. 


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Matt Weatherill

I'm trailing Storyline 2 QM excel question template and experiencing this error: Could not open quiz. The quiz could not be opened. Please make sure it isn't open in quizmaker. It isn't open anywhere else. I also can't seem to find .quiz files I need to search all file to find the QM excel template. Am I doing something wrong with the import?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Matt

are you trying to import the excel template with the questions on it into SL2 or trying to import a Quizmaker file into SL2?

Here is some info that may help you

I've attached the excel spreadsheet template if that's what you need

Wendy Farmer

Hi Matt

when you reply via email it doesn't attach anything and it also adds your email signature to the if you want to upload something, you'll need to come into the forum and use the grey 'Add Attachment' button at the bottom of the post and you can also edit to remove your personal details if you want to.

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