Import storyline 360 slides into storyline 2?

I'm having tons of trouble with storyline 360 right now, so I'm working in storyline 2.  I'm trying to import some slides from a 360 course into a storyline 2 course but I'm getting an error message that says the 360 slide file is being used somewhere else (I don't have it open) and it says I don't have access to it.  Is it this type of import even possible (360 into 2) or is there something wrong with my software?!




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Kristen Jensen

I had the same issue. Storyline froze everytime I imported slides. I believe I solved it with this method: I can consistently import.

1. Save a copy of the original SL2 project.  Open in SL 360 and yes upgrade it. Save and close.

2. In Story View, add a new scene with one blank slide.

3. Still in Story View, right-click the blank slide and New Slide>Import>Import Storyline. (see attached image.)

4. Browse to the upgraded version of your file. Select None. Select a few slides and import.


Crystal Horn

Hi Kristen, and thanks for sharing your process here!  Just to make sure I understand the issue you were dealing with, Storyline 360 crashed whenever you tried:

Hopefully we can figure out what was happening there for you!

Kristen Jensen

When importing slides from another project.

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Crystal Horn

Thanks for following up, Kristen.  Quick note:  It looks like your contact information carried over to your post.  If you reply by email, your email signature will show.  You can edit it out if you'd like!

I didn't have any trouble importing slides from a Storyline 360 or a Storyline 2 project into a new Storyline 360 project in slide view using the Import option from the Slides tab. 

If you'd like, let's see if we can fix what's happening on your machine.  First, be sure that your projects are all saved to your C: drive.  Working from a network or shared drive can cause problems when saving or opening your files.

Can you try a repair of Storyline 360?  If this behavior is happening with any file that you're working with, a reinstallation might help the program.

Let me know how you make out -- happy to troubleshoot this further with you so that you don't have to use workarounds for what should be an easy process!