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Sep 22, 2012

Hello Team,

I have 2  question here.

1. If I create a elearning course in Storyline, is there a way I can import the slide into Powerpoint or Studio and add animations or make changes. I ask this question because currently I am using the Trial version of Storyline.Once the software is expired, is there a way I can continue working in Articulate Studio. 

2. Does States applicable onto to buttons and Characters? Can I add the state concept to a text box?



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Clashing Dragon


So i cannot import a storyline file to powerpoint but however I can import a file from a powerpoint to Storyline. 

And thanks for the other explanation. this will help. 

Another thing. I dont see too many animations can be incorporated in Storyline but we have a better animation structure in Studio. Or am I missing some way to animate an object in Storyline. 

Bruce Graham

Correct - use "Create New Project > Import PowerPoint", or Insert New Slide > Import > PowerPoint

Animation is currently limited in SL - I will not say "an issue", because:

1> There are many combinations possible to gain visual emphasis and movement, (you just need to think "outside the box") - and

2> I believe that the SL team are working on creating more for a future release.

Remember - Storyline is NOT PowerPoint. Studio is a PowerPoint "Add-on" (more or less). If you rely on PowerPoint functionality, then Studio, (especially Studio '12) is probably the tool for you.

If you are in dire need of animations, create them in PowerPoint, export the slides as a Windows Media Video (PowerPoint 2010), then import the video into Storyline - the "join" is seamless, completely (in my experience so far).

Using interesting and creative movement can replace the "wizziness" of the features of PowerPoint. Here's a couple of examples that may be useful which I posted recently, both "standard" Storyline.


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