Importing from PowerPoint to SL 360

May 18, 2021

Good Morning, 

If one of the pluses of using Storyline is its easy import from PowerPoint into Storyline, why do all the text boxes import as graphics?  I am finding myself having to recreate an entire PowerPoint presentation in Storyline, and it's quite time consuming.  

I've tried using different fonts, etc., and still even the slide titles are imported as graphics and cannot be edited.  Please tell me there is a way to do this that I just haven't found yet. 


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Peggy!

I'm happy to help! Objects like SmartArt Graphics and Non-Native Shapes will be imported as graphics from PowerPoints into Storyline 360. Here's more information about how each object renders in Storyline 360.

If you see text boxes without animations showing up as images in Storyline, I'm happy to take a look. You can attach the PowerPoint to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.

Steve Hazelton

Hi Lauren -

I just answered a related question. Here is an screen shot example of what Peggy is describing. The title came across as text and everything else is one big image. I have found that it happens when there is a lot of text, small font size, side by side text boxes, or other things not clearly just text.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

Thank you for clarifying and adding that additional insight! I just tested the file from the discussion you replied to, and the issue was that the text was in shapes rather than text boxes. Shapes will render as images in Storyline 360, so, depending on the size of the project, it might be easier to edit the text in PowerPoint and then import the project into Storyline 360 to add interactivity.