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Mar 18, 2019

Hi All,

Got the latest version of SL3, but now it seems I get an error when I try to import powerpoint slides.

Clicked on the solutions and followed these through, but not working i'm afraid, any ideas?

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MacKenzie Feldpausch

I ran into the same error message. It seems that the error was occurring because my ppt file was stored on a server rather than on my computer. As soon as I re-located the file to the desktop of my machine, the trouble stopped. 

I also discovered that my Storyline files needed to be stored on my computer rather than on the server to avoid problems. 

Hope that helps.

Crystal Horn

Hi Alastair. I was able to import this PowerPoint into a Storyline 3 file. I'm attaching it for your convenience.

Here's what I would try: Open the PowerPoint and choose to Save As to make a new version with a slightly different name, saved locally to your desktop. Close PowerPoint, open Storyline 3, and try to import the new file.

If you are still getting an error, let's get you working with our support engineers for expert help!

Alastair Steele-Leith

Thanks Crystal, I note you're staff, but can I confirm you used the latest SL3 to do this?

I did a search and notice other users are having issues. I too did a blank ppt and got the same issue. Wondering if reverting to an earlier version of SL3 might benefit. I have a classroom to build and really do not want to do this on a slide by slide basis (for the price I paid for this software, neither should I have to!)

but thank you, will no raise with with the enginners.

gg person

I had trouble importing PowerPoint as well. It turned out to be an issue with PowerPoint not Storyline. My PowerPoint had to be reinstalled. Last time I tried importing everything was fine. It does require that your PowerPoint be on your local drive and not on a server. I have had no issues with Storyline being on a server, but I am told it tends to work better from your local computer drive.

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