Importing Quiz Questions - Multiple Response, Matching Drag Drop

Apr 26, 2018

Importing questions and formatting seems pretty straightforward and the SL2 user guide and template are pretty helpful, except I'm confused how to format "MR" question selections a bit, particularly when all selections are correct; how do you import the 'incorrect' layer text-- perhaps one cannot?

Example 1: MR question with 4 answers, suppose 3 correct, 1 incorrect. The answer formatting I suppose works like MC: Selection 1-3 is formatted like this: "*This selection is right | That's right! You selected the correct answers." and #4 is "This one isn't right. | Sorry, it's all except "This one isn't right"." 

But if all 4 are to be selected, how does one import the "incorrect" feedback layer text of "Sorry, all are true about..."?

Same goes for Matching Drag Drop if you think about it. How to import the Incorrect layer text?

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Wendy Farmer

HI Chris

I tried using choice level feedback for a MR question and got this error:

I then removed all the correct feedback and just left feedback for the incorrect option - same behaviour

When I removed all feedback - it imported fine.

I don't use this method so I can't say if that is expected behaviour or not.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Chris Roetzer

Hey Wendy thanks for testing, I should've just done so with a few Q types myself. Articulate's tips and notes should've been more specific.

I don't usually use choice-specific feedback, I took that as if the import would replace the text on the default correct or incorrect layers, which is not the case. So the point is if you don't specify that option in your input file, the Q slide generated will incorporate your default feedback layers per the master. You can of course always customize those layers' text after import.

Your demo "proves" one cannot generate custom choice feedback layers via import on multi response Q types like multi-response (std), multi-response drop-down, etc. And of course if you want to use images or shapes such with Pick One or Pick Many, you just have to create those features after import too. I tested this option with a TF and a MC type Q and it worked fine, creating a custom feedback layer for each "answer". 

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