Importing transparent videos

I have animations I've created in AfterEffects that have transparent backgrounds that I would like to place on top of my slides in Storyline. Is this possible, and if so how do I go about doing it?

I have tried rendering my AfterEffects animations as FLVs with Alpha channels, but when the video is imported into Storyline it has a solid background. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Matt,

I'm not aware if such functionality is present in SL, but still I checked and find nothing to solve your problem. Sorry.

But you can do one more thing, send PM to SL experts, asking the same or tell them about your post (this one) and request them to assist you. I would suggest to PM Phil Mayor / Nancy Woinoski both are very helpful and great Storyline wizard.

Kamil Nowek

When you publish your course have still a solid background? I use FLV with alpha channel (although export from Premiere btw) and when yu're putting this video to SL, in project has a background but when you're previewing or publishing course, everything is correct without background from video. 

Brett Rockwood

As Kamil said, FLV with an alpha channel should work. It will have a white background when you're working in the project which makes it a little difficult to see what your doing, e.g., if your video is a person pointing at something on screen you can't see the screen behind the video, but when you publish or preview the white knocks out to transparent and it works fine.

Having said that, I work with a guy who shoots and processes the video (using Final Cut Pro, I think) and sometimes he has to fiddle around a bit to get the alpha channel set so it works correctly.