Importing Variable Names

Jul 03, 2019

Does anyone know of a way to import Variable Names for a project? I have some tests to create, with very complicated scoring. I plan to use variables for the scoring and also for reporting to the LMS. I will end up with roughly 30-40 variables. I would like to create them in Excel, instead of typing each into the Variables Table. Is this possible? If not, this would be a helpful feature.

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Ria Jaravata

Hello Kathy,

Storyline does not seem to have this functionality yet, but that is also a nice suggestion that you can tell their team.

One suggestion I can give you is that you can copy one variable multiple times. If you have some variables that belong to a single type (Text, Number, True/False), you can use the copy and paste function instead and just edit the Name and the Default Value.

I hope this helps in speeding up your task in adding numerous variables. Have a nice day!

Bob O'Donnell

No easy way to do it. We use the copy/paste function as Ria mentioned. All our variables have similar names (CourseID_Slide#) so its easy to create a new one.

The only way to import variables is to already have them in a Story file. Merging files will import the variables from one story into the other.

Import/Export would be nice feature.

Kathy Wasson

Thanks everyone! I have used the copy/paste feature in the table. I was just hoping for something simpler, like the question import feature. I will add this as a feature request.

Thanks too, for the knowledge that at least once I create theses variables, I can reuse them for other tests. I have about 12 different tests to create.

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