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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ginny,

This behavior is by design as described in this support article:

When learners review a quiz (or revisit question slides they've already submitted), they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course. These navigation buttons are necessary for learners to review quiz slides.

If you'd like to have an option to disable the Prev and Next buttons during quiz review so you can use your own custom navigation buttons, please let us know. We value your feedback.

Definitely submit a feature request so that our product development team is aware of what needs you have for your Storyline courses. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Harvinder! Are you saying that you have special navigation assigned to the prev and next button in your course already? You would not be able to make differing navigation for the review mode alone.  That would make a great feature request though and you are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.

Sanduni Fernando

This discussion is bit old, but for someone who searches for the same, there is a way to create your own custom review layer as per the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh0BXT8wN24 . If you are not using the built-in navigation, you can use your own images/icons on the custom layer.