In SL3, looped background music plays on PC, but not on mobile and tablet.

Oct 11, 2018


I added the following code to the bottom of a story.html and story_html5.html files for a project: (The code is added just before </body> in both files. This allows the 1 minute .mp3 to loop throughout a the entire file. The .mp3 is also in the story output folder.)


<audio src="YOURSONG.mp3" preload="auto" autoplay loop></audio>



This project is stored on Amazon AWS server and I'm using CloudBerry

The music plays perfectly, when launched using the AWS URL for the story.html file on PC. It does not play when using the same URL for the story.html file or the URL for the story_html5.html file on an android device or iPad, and does it not play play if I launch the  URL for the story|_html5.html file from a PC.

Do I have the code in the wrong location in each file? Or, is this not possible? I do have other projects when the audio plays on PC and mobile, but it's narration screen by screen with no code changes to the .html files.

Any input would be really helpful, as this is intended for mobile use specifically.



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