In Storyline can you globally change the font in Notes tabs only?

Jun 04, 2012

Hi!  Apologies if this is answered elsewhere in the forum, but I couldn't find it and was spending too much time looking.  In Storyline, is it possible to globally change the font in all my slides' Notes tab without changing what's on the body of the slides themselves?  I imported a PPT file and based on forum tutorials, I knew my fonts might come in a bit wonky--which they did.  I'm just hoping there's a quick an easy way of cleaning them up rather than going to each Notes tab of each slide individually for each of my three modules.

Does creating a Theme include the ability to specify the font/sizing for the Notes tab?  I didn't see the Notes tab mentioned in the Theme instructions, but maybe I missed that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Andrew Sellon

Hey, Brian!  Thanks so much for your note.  This is definitely something that I think needs to be high on your features request list (along with more flexible bullet point options).  Since text in the Notes field serves as the easiest approach to CC text, I think it's important that we be able to format Notes globally, both standalone, and as part of a Theme.  Doing it slide by slide can become time consuming.

I would gladly submit this request, but I'm one of those people who has been getting only error messages when trying to submit feature requests.  I reported that situation to Gabe a week or so ago.  Has that site been resolved?  It gets rather frustrating repeatedly attempting submissions that don't get past an error message.    If it's been fixed, then I'll try again first chance I have.


Andrew Sellon

Thanks, Brian!  Much appreciated; I still have a couple more in a draft e-mail for whenever I hear the submission form is working again.  Gabe theorized that in my case, it might have something to do with my (regrettably) being on Vista 64 bit, but when I looked in the forums today I saw other people with other configurations reporting the same issue.  Hopefully, it'll be fixed soon if it's not already.  By the way--now that the Beta is over, where do we report bugs?  I found an obsure one that may be functionality, but is still counterintuitive:

When creating a drag & drop to put items in the correct order, you have the option of customizing the feedback.  When you generate the quiz question and it auto-scrambles the items, however, I discovered that if a Learner were to click Submit without actually trying to reorder the items, only the Storyline default feedback message comes up--not the custom one.  Now, you may have that question type designed so that when items are auto-jumbled, it will never put them in the correct order.  But regardless I think that clicking the Submit button should call the customized feedback, not the default.  If there's a bug reporting URL that will work for me, I'm happy to pass it on if you agree it should be addressed.

Thanks again!

PS -- Hope you had a great vacation!

Andrew Sellon

Ok, Brian-- I just tried using the Platinum support link from my activation e-mail, since I realized I should probably make use of what I paid for, but when I clicked the submit button, I got the same error message as on the feature request page:  "We're having a problem processing your request.  Please try again in a bit."  This means that despite having a Platinum account, I'm unable to submit support or feature requests.  I would greatly appreciate your passing on the bug I mentioned, and your checking to see if this submission issue is being fixed on your site.  As I mentioned, I saw earlier today in the forum that I am not the only one experiencing this issue, and that someone is supposed to be looking into it.  We do need to be able to communicate with you folks on those key points, so I hope a resolution is near.  Thanks!

Corey Klein

Hi Guys.  I'm a brand new Articulate Storyline 2 user!  Just getting up to speed on the tool.  Looks quite intuitive and I'm looking forward to using it on my next eLearning project.  Question re "Notes"...  What is the recommended font style and size to use?  I would like the Notes (which I'll be using as my audio narration transcript) to match the look of the words "Menu", "Glossary", and "Notes" on the tabs above.  What do you think?  Thanks.


Corey Klein

Thanks for your response, Emily. So, if I want the text in the Notes (for
example) to match the tab names themselves, would that be Open Sans? It
didn't really look like it matched at a quick glance. How about the size?
Black text will be fine. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again,
Corey Klein
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Emily Ruby

Hello Corey,

If you want to keep it at the default, the font would be Open Sans. I am not sure the exact size in the Player, as it cannot be changed, but you could test a few sizes to see which looks closest. The default font in Storyline would be Open Sans 12.

And FYI - when you reply via email, your email signature will appear in the post. You can click on edit to remove this.

Corey Klein

Thanks, Emily.  I messed around with Open Sans, Open Sans Semibold, and Articulate fonts today to see which one matched closest in the Notes.  None of them looked 100% exact to me, so I think it really comes down to personal preference.  We'll see!

PS - Didn't realize my whole email signature was going to appear earlier.  Thanks for the tip!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andrew,

In Storyline 360, you have the option to format notes just like slide text in Storyline using the font and paragraph options on the Home tab, including:

  • Font face
  • Font size
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Font color
  • Bullets
  • Numbering
  • Alignment

You can also globally set the font face of Notes via the Player Settings. Whatever font you select as a Player Font will be also applied to slide notes, unless you change the font at the slide-level.

I hope that helps!

Andrew Sellon

What I am still looking for, and do not see 5+ years later now in Storyline 360, is this: the ability to go to a single place and globally format my Notes text across all my slides in a Storyline file.  I know I can manually format a single Note's text using the ribbon, and that I can change the overall Player font (but not size!) within the Player options (apparently only if the font in the Notes is still Articulate's default?).  But when I import from a PPT file, for example, text in the Notes can come in the wrong font, wrong size, etc.  I want to be able to clean up the formatting of all my Notes--including the font size (because the default of 9 point is tiny!)--from one place.  If there was simply a place in Preferences somewhere to set my Notes font, size, and color, (for example: Arial 12pt white) that would be such an enormous timesaver.  I guess I'll submit that as a feature request again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

The Notes are still treated as a separate and distinct element for each slide,  you can now change the font size and font of the overall player as detailed here for Storyline 3 and Storyline 360. 

I certainly understand the request to change the overall slide notes, so thanks for submitting the feature request! Here's a bit more detail on how we handle Feature requests and what becomes a feature!