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Sep 07, 2012

I have been using the record audio feature without an issue.  However, today when I opened up Storyline, for some reason, when I click on record, it counts down from 2 seconds and just get "stuck" at 1 second until record and won't go any further (ie will not allow me to record).  Is there a corrupt file somewhere?? I've shut the programme down and re-opened and it still is behaving badly.

Would appreciate any thots as I'm desparate to finish my project!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Austen and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry we missed your post last Friday - but I don't see where Ashley ever submitted a case, so I'm not sure what her issue was exactly. With that being said, this post is from 2012, and since then we've come out with a number of Storyline updates, we're currently on Update 5. So I'd first want to confirm that you're using the most recent update of Storyline. 

Additionally if you're unable to record audio, there are some troubleshooting tips in this article that I would suggest going through next.  

Ashley Inselman

Hello all!

I did get the problem resolved and part of it was my computer itself and the lack of processing power I needed and that my hard drive was too maxed out to get it to do anything else.  Once I cleaned up things, everything worked well.  Part of my learning curve, was finding out an external hard drive is a must if your computer was not purchased with the intent of building elearning modules!

Sorry to not be able to help your issue, Austen.

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