Inconsistent video behaviour across devices

May 10, 2012

Hi - I realise this may be more to do with the devices I'm using than Storyline itself, but I have inserted a video in a story to try it out on different devices. Video details - PAL 720x576, and I just imported it onto a slide layer and resized then published (so it's converted to MP4 - very neat!). With no controls. What I'm getting is:

Laptop: Chrome browser launching Flash or HTML5 version: video plays OK

Laptop: Internet Explorer launching Flash version: video plays OK

iPad: video plays OK

iPhone 4: video shows on screen with a "play" button on it, but nothing happens when you click it

HTC Sense (i.e. Android): Browser launching Flash version: no video appears

HTC Sense (i.e. Android): Browser launching HTML5 version: ironically it works perfectly

Is it something simple I'm missing like a "play" command or avoiding resizing the video on screen?

Many thanks


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