Increase %results.scorepoint% with variable or trigger?

Jun 02, 2012

Hi all,

I have a course in multiple languages.

Each language has a quiz, but I can only track the score with one result slide.

Hence, even if a user has all the questions correct, he can only obtain 50% and fails. Since he did not answer the other questions.

I am looking for a method to increase the result with 50 points, so the users actually gets the correct score.

Is there a method using triggers to increase %results.scorepoints%?

Hope somebody can help me.



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Steve Flowers

Used to be able to set this. Here's a shot from an old file from an older RC Beta build. For some reason they took it out. Since it was set at the time, I'm still able to use it in the release version but I can't change the target variable name. The value change in this example works. You could use this file as a boilerplate to force a completion value based on the calculated outcome of your other test. You can copy the last slide from the pre-test scene in this file and the two slides in the conclusion (all at the same time) and it'll carry the editable results variable trigger over to your story.

I really think this should be modifiable. Submitted a bug on this before release. 

Stefaan Van Eenoo

Hi Steve,

have you ever had issues with resuming in Storyline?

I tried a Presenter course, and I get the prompt to resume the course.

But my Storyline course does not give me the prompt. (The options in the player are the same as in the Presenter course).

Both courses are AICC published.

Would you know which file I could lookin, to figure out what might be going wrong?


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