increment a variable based in correct / incorrect answer

Jan 29, 2013

Hello everyone

My customer doesn't want the user to get a grade with a score. Instead, he wants the learner to see hiow many correct and incorrect answer he got.

For this, i am creating a variable that will increment as the learner gets correct answers.

I just don't know what condition to look for.

Has anyone tried this before?


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Garth Yorko

A Results page generates the variable you need.  Set the correct socre for each question to 1.  That way, if the answer is correct, the Results.ScorePoints will increment by 1.

You can then include the %Results.ScorePoint% in a text box for each question, or save it for when the quiz is complete.  Or you could just edit the Results page and leave only the variable you want to display.  See below.

Nathalie Kustcher


You know what? You are perfectly right!

I just didnt think of this elegant and simple way of puting it. I was going trough the process of creating a condition on the state of the shape of each shape on each slide for each section... That's 2x 178 question évaluation!!!!


Thank you so much!

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