Indicating right/wrong answers following an intermitten quiz

Oct 27, 2015

Hi. When developing quiz questions, is there a built-in option that allows Storyline to indicate which answer choices are correct/incorrect with simple check marks next to correct choices and an "x" next to incorrect (or something along those lines)?  Up until now, I've created my own feedback slides, which I want to maintain, but it would be nice if the learner could get an immediate overview over correct and incorrect choices. I've figured out that a graded quiz allows the learner to go back and review each question to see what they got right. I'm hoping intermittent non-graded questions have a similar feature.

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Jason Reed

Hi Finn,

You could achieve this in a couple of ways. You could use the existing feedback layers and just have the tick or cross marks on those layers. That would then show the learner which answers they answered correctly or not when they submit.

The other option would be to have the tick and cross images hidden next to their corresponding questions and then creating triggers to show them. Something like, When user clicks Answer 1 > Change state of Tick to Normal.

Does this sound like what you're after?

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