Inexpensive or Free eLearning resources for Storyline

Apr 25, 2013

I was talking to Dave Anderson a few weeks ago at a SL workshop he and Tom K did in San Diego.  We were exchanging resources and he asked if I would share a couple on the forum.  Here are three that I use almost weekly.  Free PSD Files - this site has hundreds of professionally rendered .PSD files.  I find what I like, download them, and use Photoshop to modify them for my purposes.  They also have really cool cartoon characters for kids and business, if you are into those.  I am   A great resource.  SlideTeam Powerpoint Templates - this site has thousands of PowerPoint slides and templates.  I look for graphic elements that I want (like boxes, 3-12 step models, pie charts, as well as pictures) in the presentations and download the entire file.  I then ungroup everything and save what I want as .JPGs.  This isn't free, but it's only $49 a year.  One of my favorite sites.  Presenter Media - Do you want to add motion graphics to your presentations?  This site has more than I can count.  It's pretty cool.  The cost is $60 a year.  Tagxedo - Need a word cloud?  This site lets you create them.  It's free.  eLearning Brothers - I'm sure you've heard of them.  A great resource, but it's $299 a year.

I'll probably buy the Storyline character set from Articulate, but I'm waiting a while.

I hope this was helpful.


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Troy Broas

I have some free Storyline templates available at, and I also have some premium templates available at 

Also, because this community is so awesome, if you enter the coupon code ArticulateCommunityRocks when you check out, you will get an additional 30% off your order

Alan Landers

Mike, - tks for the links.  I'm trying to figure out how to download the .PSD files.  I really like uiparade.  Are those free downloads or just for inspiration.  I can't create anything that looks as good as their content.  Impressive.

Checked out Rapid eLearning Templates.  Nice, but expensive.  The 30% discount helps.

BTW... Some of my slides aren't appearing on my menu.  Any ideas what may cause that?  All the slide properties are right.

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