Insert First Name Field as a Variable Overlaying a Video

Apr 29, 2016

Hi there,

I'm delivering several storyline episodes to my users that contain a video. I would like to overlay their name on top of the video as it plays.

I understand there is a way to ask the user to provide their name prior to beginning the episode and that it would then fill in the variable field.

But, I don't want my user to have to do this manually each time.

Is there a way that I could add the user first name variable into the url string to auto fill that field, so that it happened automatically?

Thank you!

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Dawn Clark

Hi Christie!

Thank you so much for the response.

I am wondering if I am hosting a storyline on Amazon S3 - is there a way to
prefill the first name field and get it to submit with some kind of url
parameter or javascript so the customer does not have to put their name in
over and over again?

Thanks again for all your help!


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