Insert video doesn't work in Powerpoint - A360 plugin

Jul 27, 2017

Hi there,

I installed the Articulate 360, which adds the Articulate tab.

I have attempted to 'insert video' and 'insert web object' into a power point presentation.  But no luck, just get a still, no video.

The video is hosted on vimeo and is has no privacy settings preventing it from playing. Help.


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Lisa Shingles

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me. The over aim is to watch a video on a powerpoint slide in a conference room. How would you suggest that I publish it in PowerPoint? Still a learner in ppt.

Thanks again

Lisa Shingles
Elearning Educational Designer
Epworth HealthCare

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Crystal Horn

Hey Lisa, well, we're glad to have you! 😊

It sounds like you need to present your content on site.  The best publishing option for you is to publish for CD (offline viewing), since you don't need to upload your content to the web or to an LMS to distribute.

Here's our Presenter 360 tutorial on publishing for CD.  Articulate will create a finished product for you that you can present.  

Instead of opening PowerPoint and doing a slide show from there, you'll actually have a presentation with all of your Articulate elements (like the video) that you can launch independently.  Just double-click the Launch_Presentation.exe file to open the course.

And if you need anything, our User Guides for Articulate 360 are a really great tool for learning how to use the different functions of each app!

PS - You can edit out your contact information from your last comment if you'd like.  Email replies will carry your email signature into the post.

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