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Jill McNair

I know that this won't work for everyone in every situation, but there are two ways I could think of to zoom in on a layer:

1.  Add the zoom picture icon to your picture.  This will zoom the entire picture, not just a portion of it, and it will only work if your original picture is larger (meaning you made it smaller after you inserted it).  You can find the zoom picture icon next to the crop button.

2.  Make your own zooms.  If your picture is high-res enough, make it larger and crop out an area you want as a zoom.  Insert this homemade zoom region as a hover state, somewhere along the timeline, or on another layer.

I made an example so you can see what I mean.  Can you tell I don't like to accept, "sorry, you can't do that," for an answer?

Remember to submit feature requests: http://www.articulate.com/support/contact/submit.php?form=feature  They really do pay attention to these, and the more requests they get for a feature, the higher it goes on the list.

Hope it helps!


Garry Hargreaves

Hi Guys,

A while ago I had to a small presentation for a diagnosis tool for school kids.

I wanted to get some control over zoomed in sections of a form.

(1) SO, I just zoomed up my original image in PS,

(2) screen grab the zoomed in section I was interested in,

(3) Crop away the parts of the screen you don't want (good time to add a little drop shadow and unsharp mask, so it stands off the page)

(4) then have the pieces popup in sync with the VO on different layers over the top of the original image

Not particularly sophisticated by it may assist someone.



Greg Nagy

I just ran into wanting to do this with layers as well.  I have attached the graphic I was given for a dictionary entry.  On the slide, the graphic is small to read each pop-out definition.  I would love to have someone click on one of the pop-outs and be able to zoom that region while he or she reads it, then closes it, and then does the same with the next pop-out.   I guess I will just have to type the text into a layer to do this for now.  Thanks-

Emerson Collins

A lot of our work deals with viewing products and examining artifacts on products. The Slider is useful when comparing items or a series of products. Layers are ideal when using a Slider. Major draw back, cannot use the zoom tool on layers. Every time I work on these types of slides, I say under my breath and sometimes out loud, I wish Articulate had a zoom tool to use on layers.    

Creating your own zoom area can be time consuming and tricky. There are software applications that can do that for us. Unfortunately, Storyline 360 isn't one of them that does it with ease. The positives of using Storyline outweighs the negatives of using that other software application but I do get nostalgic for their zoom area object when using Storyline's zoom tool.