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Walt Hamilton

Yes, that's what scrolling panels do.  Are you looking for something like this? Generally, you create the item to completion, then insert it into the scrolling panel, but with tables, you can insert and delete rows and columns, and change content after inserting them in the panel.

Phoebe Harker-Rivera

Hi, I'm having trouble getting it to actually scroll. I inserted the table into the scrolling panel, and I see on the side of the slide that it does scroll. However, when I go to Preview (and in 360 Review) it does not scroll. It's just a static image.

Here is an image from storyline, and then the image of Preview.

Walt Hamilton

Three things:

The table was sitting above the panel, not in it. Drag it until the cursor is within the panel and drop it. the table will move to align with the panel. You can tell if the object is in the panel, because it will disappear from the timeline, and move under the panel. You have to expand the panel to see it.

The panel was larger than the slide, so the bottom of it (and the table) was cut off.

I put an object on the layer to close it. I kept the "X" from falling into the panel (where it could scroll out of sight) by locking the panel on the timeline and positioning it. It is outside the panel, but the panel is unlocked, so you could easily lose it to the panel if you try to move it just a bit.

Walt Hamilton

This from the User's Guide: 

Tip: Although you can add objects to a scrolling panel that are wider than the panel, there won't be a horizontal scroll bar. Scrolling panels only support vertical scrolling.

There are some tricks that work with some objects to get a horizontal scroll bar, but they don't work with tables without a great deal of work and frustration.

Steps to rotate table in scrolling panel:

1. Create table using individual shapes for each cell, one rectangle at a time
2. Group table
3. Rotate table group 90 left (for scrollbar on bottom)
4. Insert table in scrolling panel
5. Group scrolling panel with invisible shape and group them. Rotate group right 90

I think your best bet is to pivot the table, swapping the rows and columns. Then you can use the vertical scrollbar.

Kelly Auner

Hi, Sanchit!

Thanks for reaching out. You can upload your file here or privately in a support case so we can take a look! We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete. In addition to your file, it will be helpful for you to provide some detail on the issue you're running into so we can better assist you!