Inserting different picture background on several layers

Sep 28, 2016

I really hope somebody can help me with this problem because I am getting really frustrated.

I have several slides each with four associated layers. I can and have inserted a different background picture on the base layer of each slide.

However, each of these base layer background pictures also appears as a background image on the respective layers.

I can subsequently change the background image on a layer without it affecting the original base layer background image but when I change the transparency of the layer background picture, the original base layer background picture starts to show through?

In case it's not clear, the outcome I want is to have a different background image on any/every base layer and any added layers!

Any ideas anyone?

many thanks





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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Roy!

The layers lay on top of the base layer, unless you specify to hide the base layer. So, it sounds like it's working as expected.

Based on your last response, perhaps you are just wanting to remove the base layer image and allow transparency on the layers on top? 

You could do this via the layer timeline, choosing to expand the base layer items, and hiding ones you wish to not see:

Roy Egan

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for trying to help me here, I'm probably not explaining myself very well with this problem!

Again I understand and are aware of what you are saying so let me put it another way :)

On the base layer when I format background and insert a picture should that background picture show up when I expand the base layer items?

In all my slides the base layer background picture does not show up in the expanded base layer view.

If it did  I would have realised that all I had to do was hide it.

Thanks again



Michael Hinze

I probably miss the mark too, so apologies in advance. You are right, if you use Format Background for a slide and then fill the background with a pic, that picture will not be accessible in the timeline. If you do want to have a different background picture for a subset of slides and layers, you could create a new master. On that master you could add an image object with different states, e.g. a Normal state (that will be shown in the baselayer) and custom states (e.g. for layers 1-4). Then use a variable to change the state of that object depending on which layer is being displayed. See attached a quick example. I hope that's (kind of) what you wanted.

Roy Egan

Hi Wendy and Michael,

Thank you both for your help with this  and both will work!

My original assumption about the 'format background' insert picture was correct; I probably didn't explain myself sufficiantly to give people a chance to help me...only been using SL2 for a few weeks (although I have used other authorware progs previously!

Wendy, yours is the simplest and most obvious way of doing what I want.......thank you...I always go looking for the hard way :) and it would have probably taken me days to get there with your solution.

Michael, thanks so much for the example download I have had a look at it and I'm glad to say I actually understand it.......although I would have struggled to get going on this from scratch so you have helped in a wider sense too.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it



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