Integrating with Facebook

Aug 23, 2012

Has anyone tried integrating Storyline with Facebook when publishing to HTML 5? Is this possible?

For example,

I want users to be able to share their results of a test through facebook by clicking a Share button. It'll send the results of a test to their friends wall and then the new testee can take the test from their facebook.

Can Storyline be used in this way?

Thank you,


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Avery William

Great question Jesse! I am wondering the same thing. Have you received a response about this?  I am also looking to do this on Twitter. 

Can anyone give us suggestions? Can anyone program this for me on Facebook and/or Twitter? I am willing to pay someone to do this if that gets your attention!

Thanks Storyliners!


Avery William

Hi Jesse,

Should we try eLance or a comparable site in order to find a programmer to do this? My programmer has struggled with Storyline in HTLM5 and my sidebar where the exercises are located. You can my sidebars here for my site. When we switched the sidebar Storyline exercises to HTML5 (Vocabulary 1, True and False, etc.), the exercises had all sorts of bugs. So he wasn't sure how to put in the FB/Twitter button inside of this sidebar.  

If are interested in finding a programmer to do this, can you help me craft the job description because I don't know if this is a Flash, HTML5 or something else job? If you want to find a programmer with me, can we email each other outside of this forum?



Steve Flowers

Howdy, All! - 

This should be pretty easy. To post to FB and Twitter, you can use a simple http:// link call using a hyperlink. For twitter, it'd look something like this:

Twitter ( completed this course... )

[Edited the FB link]


There are more things you can do with Facebook using the API, but keeping stuff simple through a hyperlink should get you most of the way there.

Jesse Spinella

Thanks Steve!

Do you have more information on this? Or could you set up a  a screenr demo on this?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding... I know how to insert the hyperlink, but I'm not familiar with Facebook (other than a personal Facebook account) enough to set something like this up. What would I do on the Facebook end to create an application that uses Articulate Storyline scoring results to display on a user's wall? And ask people to come try out the software?

Is that something proprietary to Facebook? Or is that a 3rd party application that I'd need to buy or download freely?

Admin Rehoba

Hum, ok , I thought you might say that, but was wondering if I had missed anything.

Oh, just one thing, I think the facebook sharer is being deprecated, and the right one to use now is the one that looks like this:

and then add the right parameter.

Just one question: how do you insert Variables in the URL ? Is it just a case of when you type the URL, add something like : score is %Result.ScorePercent%


@Jesse: the Facebook sharing URL is something everyone can use, and you can find more info there :

Steve Flowers

Nope. Just works through a hyperlink. Facebook makes sharer.php available publicly. It grabs querystring values from the link. Here's another example:

Provided the person that clicks the link has a Facebook account and is logged in, all they need to do is click one more button to post to their own wall. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nega,

This thread is much older, so I don't know that I've seen others with a set up to link to Facebook as a integration. You may want to reach out to some folks directly by using the "contact me" button on their profile to see what they were able to do and set up. 

Best of luck with your project!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Are you looking to post direct to Linkedin from a Storyline course? Or, to share a Storyline course on LinkedIn? 

For the latter, once you've got the course hosted on a web server or LMS you could send anyone a copy of the URL and they'd be able to view it. I haven't seen anyone post content on LinkedIn directly, but hopefully folks in the community will be able to help!