Interaction between two sets of Buttons

Oct 26, 2012

Hi all experts,

I have a tricky problem.

I have two columns with buttons.

Column 1 are a Button Set. (in total 8 buttons)

In Column 2 i have buttons (also in total 8) that are Disabled as default state.

Depending on which button i select in Column 1 a selection of buttons in Column 2 will be changed to normal.

When i click on a "normal" column 2 button it gets the state Selected and a text should be shown. The texts are placed on a separate Layer. If a click on another Column 2 button this one get selected and shows another text.

All buttons in the two columns have triggers that change them to True/False.

Now, the problem is, If i have a column 2 button selected and click on another column 1 button, the column 2 button do not get back to Normal or Disabled.

I just cant get this to work.

So, the question is, how can i change the state from selected to Normal/Disabled when i click a second button in the Column 1?

I hope it makes sense....


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David Anderson

Sounds like you're going to need to add conditions to some of your buttons. I don't think you want button sets for what your'e trying to do. Button sets are going to make your buttons work like regular radio buttons where only one button can be selected at a time.

The example I shared (while different from your needs) works similar in that each button has conditions applied that tell the button when to be selected and when to be normal.

Example: Change state of AA to Normal when: states of All of R, K, E are selected. 

Can you share a sample of your button actions you need? Maybe just for the first three buttons in the left column and the buttons each should change in the right column?

Mats Schieche

Hi David and thanks for your quick Reply.

I add the example file that i am working on.

Select AA and i want MAKTZ to be NORMAL.

When i click on M, M is SELECTED and the AA_M text layer should be displyed.

If i click on A, A is SELECTED and the AA_A text layer should be displyed. In the same time M should get back to NORMAL.


David Anderson

Hi Mats -

Okay, I see what your'e doing. I removed the triggers you already used and started fresh. I dont think you need variables--yet. Everything I did I used states and conditions. But, depending on how many combinations are triggered, you may need to add a variable. I just can't say at this point.

But the first three examples you sent were very easy to set up. Please see attached file and let me know what you think.


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