Interactive for 3 wrong options

Hi I need one requirement in Interactive part and need some help on how to apply variables. I am creating one Interactive on observation skills. In this we have 19 Options in that 8 options belongs to Correct and 9 Options belongs to Incorrect. My requirement is here UN till we keep correct option user can't go for next slide. But he will have 3 attempt chances to select if he select 3 incorrect then he will get Retry pop up box once he click Retry then all options will get "Reset to initial state".

Here my question is we have 9 incorrect options but in that 9 if we select any of 3 incorrect options we get retry popup. So I am not able to find how to apply Variable for individual because user can't select in order for incorrect option's. Ex 1: 1 2 3. Ex 2: He may click options randomly 156, 129, and 134. Please help me out to apply variables.

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